Kimball Castle – Gilford, NH


  • Re-built both ingress and egress roadways to property
  • Returned approximately 5 acres of woodlot back to open fields with panoramic views of Lake Winnipesaukee
  • Installed new septic system
  • Installed new parking at both castle and care takers residence

Beans and Greens Farm Stand – Gilford, NH


  • Constructed main parking lot
  • Excavation for irrigation pond

BII Fence & Guardrail now home of CBH Landscaping – Belmont, NH


  • Excavation for office building and attached shop area
  • Installed septic system and all utility requirements
  • Developed approximately 4 acres of yard area for material stockpiling

Lake Houses at Christmas Island – Paugus Bay, Laconia, NH


  • Demolition of existing Christmas Island Motel
  • Constructed new roadways
  • Utility construction and foundation excavation for 16 luxury, water-front townhomes. 
  • Excavated 3 new on-site beaches

Bank of New Hampshire Pavillion – Gilford, NH


  • Utility construction
  • Recreation area for pool and volleyball court
  • Bath houses for large parking areas
  • On-site security building
  • Major addition to maintenance building
  • Various on-site roads maintenance and improvements

South Down Shore and Long Bay – Laconia, NH


  • Gated community on Lake Winnipeasaukee’s “Paugus Bay.”
  • Completed multiple water-front and residential homes  in many of the villages
  • Created and maintained large green spaces for entire community to enjoy
  • Completed many road and infrastructure improvements